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Linda Nunes

Big Fish

Bubble Acreage

Moon Lake




I find that I can do a lot of things. But I can’t do a lot of things well. So I concentrate on those things that give me the most joy (and keep me out of trouble). I find this joy in the coming together of beeswax and other art media. I relish in and constantly wait for the next ooh-ahhhh moment in my studio where happy accidents meet planned design.

The Land-Sea-Sky series shown here covers these three earth environments. Each has a special meaning to me. The series was created with dense color and sometimes extreme texture. The landscape pieces of Whisper, Moon Lake and Moon Mountain were created during a threat of fires in various areas and so moved the pieces into the colors and/or textures that they became.  The sea portion of the series is connected with my love of water in all its forms from river to dam spill over. The sky portion is filled with planes and has a deep connection in my family. My father-in-law trained civilian pilots and retired with the Federal Aviation Administration and my husband worked several years ago as an air traffic controller.  The dotted portion is the city lights viewed from a plane.

On a more personal note – my studio art degree is from CSU, Sacramento. I live with a wonderful and supportive hubby, and a narcissistic, Jewish-Portuguese cat. I work from my studio in Rancho Cordova and consider myself a dedicated member of the Sacramento art community and an interdisciplinary artist whose addiction is encaustic. Sharing the creative process, curating, collaborating with other artists and teaching workshops keeps me busy and sane. My work is most often abstract but may be flecked with representational elements and may be inspired by topics of faith, current events, recovery or childhood memories.