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This is achieved by stretching the canvas or fabric around a stretcher bar. This can be stretched to show the entire image in the front or on the face. Or to Gallery wrap, where the image is wrapped around the stretcher bar and you see the art on all sides.


It is important to consider the type of glass or acrylic that is used for your framed piece.

All sunlight and some artificial light contain an invisible electromagnetic component called ultraviolet (UV) light. These light waves are much shorter than visible light and contain more energy (the same energy that causes you to sunburn). This higher energy creates a greater degree of heat and causes more rapid deterioration of the molecular structure of the pigments used in printing.

Conservation glass should be used whenever you are framing sentimental, valuable, limited edition and one-of-a-kind artwork. Conservation glass is clear glass to which a UV-inhibiting film has been applied. Conservation glass blocks about 97% of UV rays, compared to the 46-50% blocked by regular clear and non-glare glass.


Dry mounting is for permanently mounting art of little value for flat presentation.

Most of the time, art with any value should not be dry mounted.