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Needlework & Tapestries

Needlework includes all needlework, embroidery, cross-stitch, and crewel, whether they are from kits or original designs.

Tapestries includes hand woven rugs, handmade quilts, and batiks.

Here at Artistic Edge Custom Framing and Gallery we know the importance of handing down custom gifts made by hand to the ones we love. In most cases the fact that these articles represent a considerable investment of skill and time, it is very important that they be displayed and protected from damage. There are many ways to display these items, and each may require special treatment to bring out the best in the work and to ensure its preservation. We have just as many custom framing choices for Needlework and Tapestries as we do for other art. Our affordable framing options seem endless allowing you to find the perfect match to both accentuate and compliment your piece.

Before you bring this type of work in for framing, be sure to take it to a professional cleaner and have it cleaned and blocked so that it may be in tip top condition before getting placed in its frame.