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Example of matted photographyHere at the largest art gallery in Scaramento, we emphasize aesthetic decision and functional purpose as much as possible!

Custom art choices include not just the frame but also custom matting material, color, and width. Matting is what provides a spacer to protect paper art or photographs from direct contact with the glass. This is necessary, particularly in humid climates, to prevent the art from coming in contact with condensation or sticking to the glass and permanently damaging it.

For example, if a photograph is framed in direct contact with the glass, in a few years, the silver oxide emulsion will adhere to the glass, causing unrecoverable damage to the photo. The spacing provided by the mat will prevent this while it also provides structural support for the artwork.

Here at Artistic Edge Custom Framing in Sacramento, we know how important your fine art is, and we want to show you how to keep it in tip top condition to be enjoyed for years to come. To accomplish this we keep many different types of Mat boards in hundreds of colors, textures and appearances that can be used to compliment any piece of art. We use all acid-free matting ensuring the highest quality goes into our custom products.


There are many occasions where it is appropriate to mount more than one picture in a frame.

Some examples are: collage of family photographs, graduation articles (diploma, tassel, pin, etc.), wedding items (photos, announcement, etc.), or photos from a recent vacation. Collages of photographs can tell a story or cite a family history.

Do you know someone building a new home or business? Collect or take photos in various stages of completion, then have them framed in sequence in a multiple opening frame, add appropriate remarks in calligraphy or on engraved plates, then present it as a house warming gift. It’s guaranteed to be the most personalized gift they will receive.

Multiple openings allow you to display many small pictures in one frame instead of many small frames, saving you both space and money.


There are many special design treatments that can be applied to your custom framing job.

Some of these are: French mats, carved mats, embossed mats, inlayed mats, V-grooved mats, and etched glass. All of these techniques can result in a unique custom framing job, but their use must be selected carefully to ensure that they enhance, rather than detract from your artwork.

Usually, one or two of these embellishments applied in concert will create a novel work of art.

Now that you have learned about our matting options, please read about our framing choices!

Keep in mind we do supply Elk Grove framing, Roseville framing, Laguna framing, Loomis framing, Granite Bay framing, Citrus Heights framing, Rancho Cordova framing, as well as Carmichael framing needs.

Keep in mind we do supply framing in Elk Grove, framing in Roseville, framing in Laguna, framing in Loomis, framing in Granite Bay, framing in Citrus Heights, framing in Rancho Cordova, as well as framing in Carmichael.