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Mirror Framing

There are so many benefits to incorporating a mirror in your décor!

Mirrors make small spaces feel larger, add variety to plain walls, increase light in dark areas, reflect the beauty of a fine piece of furniture, bring a lackluster room to life, and serve as a functional appearance-check as you walk out the door. A custom framed mirror is the perfect addition to almost any décor.

Why do you need a custom-built mirror?

When professional custom framers like us build your mirror, we are building it to your specifications – right down to the last detail – exactly sized for your space and your style. You get to be involved in the design process, choosing from hundreds of frame samples and mirror choices to build a unique, one-of-a-kind mirror for your home. Because it is built by hand, the quality is unsurpassed; pre-manufactured mirrors cannot compare to the care that our custom framers will commit to your framed mirror. Our framers will make sure your mirror will safely stand the test of time, hang properly, and fit beautifully in your space.

We carry hundreds of mouldings so you’ll be sure to find the perfect combination.