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Erin O’Brien

I am a self-taught mixed media artist. My primary expression is through collage. Collage reflects the bits and pieces of our lives, woven together on paper, canvas or wood. I incorporate papers that I have printed, collected, and altered. My work will always have an element that can be touched – this is an invitation […]

June Daskalakis

June Daskalakis is a mixed media artist who was born and raised in NYC now living in Davis, California. Her art practice includes mixed media, fiber art sculpture, and assemblage. Working with a variety of mediums she blends nostalgia, fantasy, and surrealism to create visual narratives. Central to her aesthetic is paying homage to memories […]

Carol Brown

Like most artists, I started expressing myself at an early age. However, unlike the medium I use today, I was attracted to fingernail polish and used my belly as my canvas! Thus, it started: a lifelong interest in the arts. I am a native-born Californian with my roots in Sacramento. I attended public schools in […]