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Carol Brown

Carol Brown, "Late Spring in the Hills"

Mixed Media


Carol Brown, "Headlands"

Mixed Media


Carol Brown, "Generations of Progress"

Fiber Colage


Carol Brown, Blue-tiful

Mixed Media



Carol Brown, The Lion-KING

Fabric, Framed



Carol Brown, Long tailed kio

Fabric, Framed


Carol Brown, Silent waters

Mixed Media, Framed


Like most artists, I started expressing myself at an early age. However, unlike the medium I use today, I was attracted to fingernail polish and used my belly as my canvas! Thus, it started: a lifelong interest in the arts.

I am a native-born Californian with my roots in Sacramento. I attended public schools in this area and graduated with a degree in Art and a teaching credential from Sacramento State College.

Art has always been a huge influence in my life. I sold my first piece while in high school thus giving me the confidence to pursue my interest. I took private lessons and continued to explore many mediums throughout my college years. I have worked with oil, watercolors, acrylics, and in clay.

Upon graduating and receiving my credential, I started teaching elementary school. While teaching, and raising a family, my art was channeled in a completely different direction. I would integrate my art throughout the curriculum whenever possible. Using art in the classroom was a fulfilling experience. The primitive child-like art was refreshing and innocent.

After 33 years of teaching, I retired and returned to my passion full time. “The call of the fabric” used as my tool, stretched my imagination to create my art. It was with the use of fabric that this current vision of art developed. My pieces are like a quilt collage. Fabric is cut and glued on canvas to create my visual interpretation of an idea or image. When completed I embellish it with machine stitching or paint. This brings the piece to life!

I have shown my work over the past years in galleries, art fairs, and restaurants. I am blessed to be able to continue my love of art and delighted that it has touched so many people.