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Nan Roe

Nan is an artist that works daily, inside or outside her studio.  She has owned her own design business, taught art and gladly responds to requests of donations for fundraising causes.  Her art involves varied subjects and the use of many mediums.  She can create using watercolor, acrylic, oil, metal, clay or repurposed materials.  She works in large scale as well as small.  She did post graduate work at U.C. Davis, California.  She thinks teaching is the best learning tool.  Her motto is “learning never ends”.  She is a national award winner for sculpture.  A work of hers was included in a technology show at the Crocker Art Ark.  A silkscreen print of Nan’s is a part of U.C. Berkley permanent collection.  Her work has been seen nationwide as well as here in California and Canada.

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