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Karen Fess Uecker

Karen Fess-Uecker was born in Cedar Rapids, IA. She has since lived in seven other states (PA, OH, KY, OK, NC, TX and CA) and has painted and shown her work in 6 of those states. Her abilities developed – not through formal schooling – but through studying other artist’s work either from books or participating in workshops and classes offered by artists she admires.

Her paintings have been shown in numerous juried shows (locally, regionally and nationally) and galleries in the many states in which she has resided. She has also participated in various one man and group shows. She began painting in watercolor but has since moved to mostly painting in oils. She has a strong love for color and is often complemented on her use of color.

Laughingly – in her one college painting class – an instructor told here that while she drew beautifully (black and white) when she worked in color – she lost it. Painting in watercolor she learned to develop her color and continues to study color today with oil painter and colorist Elio Camacho.

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