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Frank Blackwell

Frank Blackwell currently resides in Elk Grove, CA. In his free time, he is an avid cyclist, church goer, and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

While traveling with the International Artist Group Inc. in the mid 80’s,
he was showcased in events with artists such as James Beckham of Colorado, and the late Thomas Kincade of Placerville.

He is a retired senior technical aeronautics and aerospace illustrator for NASA, the Dept of Defense, Aero Jet and Westinghouse. He illustrated over 200 drawings of the space shuttle engines, as well as drawings for the Y22 and F-117. After 18 years of being absent from painting, he returned to share his artistic passion with the general public.

Frank’s media specialties are oils, acrylics, and ink. He’s passionate about historical military events and nature artwork referencing scenery and animals. His time spent in the military and recollections from family that also served in the military has inspired much of his artwork.

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