Stephen Ward

Tuscan Sunset by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 36x24

$849.00 Original

The Garden Vineyard by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 24x18

$468.00 Original

California Vineyard by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 36x24

$849.00 Original

Cyprus Grove by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 62x44

$2,575.00 Original

Winter in the Valley by Randy Honerlah

Oil on Canvas, 62x44

$2,345.00 Original

Very Pretty by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 36x24

$989.00 Original

Rocky Mountain Lake by Stephen Ward

Oil on Canvas, 44x72

$3,327.00 Original

Stephen is one of the most versatile artists you will ever meet – a master in oil painting and many other mediums, including acrylics, watercolor, inks and dies, pastels, pencils, markers, air brush and digital art. As a Sacramento area artist, Stephen has worked as an award winning commercial artist for the past 30 years, creating illustrations for many publication covers and for all advertising media.

He and his wife have lived in Folsom, California for the past 12 years where they have enjoyed raising four beautiful girls. Although advertising art is still a love of his, Stephen is now dedicating himself to his real passion – oil painting.

Oil Painting – Stephen’s passion for oil painting started at a young age and continues to be his favorite medium on canvas. Whether large or small canvases, he paints a variety of styles including detailed and realistic still life’s and landscapes, colorfully painted stylized landscapes, impressionist art, and colorful abstract art.

Murals – Custom painting any image at a very large scale on a wall is no problem. Typically done in acrylic paints that dry quickly, Stephen can create a beautiful custom mural any size and style based on your ideas or his. He typically sketches a concept on paper or digitally creates it for your approval.

Watercolors – Watercolor is also a favorite medium because of its organic nature and beautiful and subtle textures. A skilled illustrator, Stephen uses watercolors to render quick illustrations as well as large colorful works of art on a variety of watercolor papers and illustration boards. Another of his specialties with watercolors is illustrating topography and maps.

Airbrush – A master with an airbrush, Stephen can paint virtually anything on almost any surface in a number of mediums, in a surrealistic or photorealistic style.

Digital Art – With over 20 years experience using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Stephen illustrates custom photorealistic images of all kinds, including architectural renderings, and he also models 3D images