Frank Blackwell

Escort Completed

Feel the Power

Just Mud take Hill

Morning Stroll

Tranquil sunrise


Frank Blackwell, O...Yeah

Limited Edition Giclee


Frank Blackwell, You Are??

Limited Edition Giclee


Frank Blackwell, Mother Bear w/ cubs

Oil on Canvas



At the age of 6 I began my fascination with airplanes, the gracefulness of flowing lines as silk in the wind. At the age of 12 winning an art contest I enrolled in the Minnesota Art Institute correspondence course. After High School I  studied art at the Pittsburgh Art Institute in fashion design and commercial art earning my AA degree. In addition continuing my art classes at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Fine Arts Center of Colorado; Engineering Maita drafting College, Columbus, Ohio and receiving my AA degree in mechanical drawing specializing in aeronautical and aerospace illustrations.
My paintings have been displayed throughout the state of California in areas such as Napa Valley, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Petaluma State Capitol and the Crocker Art Museum also in Nevada, Seattle, Washington, Ohio. My work hangs in the Pentagon in Washington DC. I’ve won awards at the California State Fair for my pieces “A walk to the White House”, “ Rashaan”, and “Mud take the Hill”. I am again honored to be one of approximately 38 certified journeyman outdoor billboard sign artist in the United States, a forgotten trade, also known as wall dogs I have hand-painted pictures and lettering on buildings, water towers, walls from 20 feet long to
approximately 150’ or more including Arco Arena and the Sacramento River Cats logos, Wells Fargo logos, Budweiser, KCRA News planes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harley-Davidson, Eller outdoor company, Clear Channel.
While displaying with the international artist group Incorporated I was in events with artist such as James Beckman of Colorado and Thomas Kinkade.   Engineering certified senior technical illustrator for Aerojet, NASA and DOD also Westinghouse.   Military US Army. Combat medic ,172nd support battalion attached to the 7th Arctic Rangers Vietnam era. Yes, I have paint for blood!