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Bob Tonjes

Sunset Glow by Bob Tonjes

Acrylic Reverse Glass, 37x17.5

$575.00 Framed

Hilltown in Umbria, Italy by Bob Tonjes

Acrylic Ink Reverse Glass, 30x16

$525.00 Framed

Northwestern Sunset by Bob Tonjes

Acrylic Reverse Glass, 19x17

$285.00 Framed

Delta Reflections by Bob Tonjes

Reverse Glass Acrylic, 22x17

$275.00, Framed

Hilltown - South France

22" X 35.5", Acrylic on Reverse Glass


Yosemite Valley

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 46.5" X 16.75"



Acrylic on Reversed Glass, 26.25" X 32.25"


Hills Near Drytown

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 27" X 23"


Lavender Fields

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 29" x 34.5"



Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 36" X 17"


Yosemite Falls

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 27.5" X 10.5"


Portofino Italy

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 221.75" X 50.5"


Out to Pasture

41" X 29.5", Acrylic on Reversed Glass


Sacramento Waterfront

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 36" X 16.5"


Delta Life

Acrylic on Reverse Glass, 42.5" X 17"


Robert maintains a studio in his home but also paints on location.  He has worked in all media but concentrates on watercolor, reverse painting on glass and currently acrylic ink on aluminum.  He also worked a screative director of recreation publications, Alameda, CA.  His philosophy is he would like everyone to be able to afford his work, therefore, his original works are priced very reasonable.  Bob has several collectors and the owner of Artistic Edge being one of many.

Art by Bob Tonjes