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Barbara Dow (Previous)

Series #6 Abstract, 2019

20x16 Framed



14.5x17 Framed



14x14 Framed



16x20 Framed





Abstract by Barbara Dow

Acrylic on Canvas




I enjoy the challenge and excitement of creating something on the canvas that represents my heart and soul.  I paint predominately
from photographs that have been taken by my husband, myself or friends.  When working from a photograph, I like to take the
dominate subject matter and exaggerate it to the point that it no longer looks like the photograph, but rather a more lively and
exciting composition.  One of the ways I accomplish this is through the use of vivid and bold colors.  Blue and yellow are my
favorite hues and it is found in many of my paintings.  My style is slightly impressionistic in many of my pieces, although I
have painted in the style of Matisse and Picasso as experimental studies.

Oil paints are my favorite medium although I am starting to experiment more with acrylics.  Currently, I have been doing a
lot of animal portraits, the majority being felines and some dogs.  This has been a real challenge, yet very satisfying at the
same time.  I have found that if I can capture the expression in their eyes, then the rest of fairly easy.

My studies in art include studies at the University of Wisconsin and American River College in Sacramento.  I have also
taken independent study with various established artists in the community.

I look forward to new challenges along with continued growth and success as a painter.