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March 21, 2018

Pat Dunsmore-Carrillo

Pat is a very diverse artist.  You can find her paintings, drawings and photography in her studio.  She also does Mural Commissions and Portraits.  

September 25, 2016

Chris Dellorco

Although completely self-taught, Chris’ art career has spanned all aspects of illustration while specializing in the film industry, children’s products and children’s books. A true renaissance man, along with a degree in Economics and a successful art career, he has also successfully written and directed an award winning short film, receiving international recognition.

September 30, 2013

Don Tackett

I have been taking photographs for more than 40 years. I caught the bug as a sophomore in high school, where the yearbook photographer sat next to me and allowed me to look through her SLR. It was so cool! It would not be until my junior year that I would get my first camera, […]