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Erin O’Brien

I am a self-taught mixed media artist. My primary expression is through collage. Collage reflects the bits and pieces of our lives, woven together on paper, canvas or wood. I incorporate papers that I have printed, collected, and altered. My work will always have an element that can be touched – this is an invitation […]

Belinda Hanson

B E L I N D A H A N S O N [email protected] www.belindahanson.net Bio Belinda Hanson was born on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota. She grew up amidst her seven siblings and a slew of barnyard animals. She left the farm, but it never left her and remains as the grounding element […]

Jan Cooper

Dr. Jan has degrees in Speech, Drama, and Art.  His advanced degrees Include a Master Degree in education from Oregon State University, and a PhD from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.   Jan has taught Art to Troubled inner city youth and some of his students have won scholarships to Disney Studios and a Fashion Design School.  When the Pandemic arose on the scene; the  Holy Spirit prompted […]

Roya Osman

“My name is Roya Osman, originally from Afghanistan. Despite initiating my painting journey in my homeland, the harsh realities of living in a war zone compelled me to abandon my artistic pursuits and studies for many years. Realizing the impossibility of painting, I turned to writing, capturing the stories of Afghan women—narrating their hardships, love, […]

Chris Ceccarelli

Local Artist & Oil Painter Chris Ceccarelli (Chick’ a-rail_lee) Native of Sacramento, Chris currently lives in Folsom, and basks in the retired life, away from the corporate world, where he enjoyed a full career as a technical illustrator. Oil Painting has been a passion since he was 17 years old, and continues to this day. […]

Kathie Lambert

The mystery of art is that it “freeze frames” an artist’s idea or vision, and suspends it for others to see.  And that a painting will continue to emit artist emotion to viewers, for years and years, is magical.  But some may wonder about the gift that allows for artistic creation. And that, dear reader, […]

Karen Fess Uecker

Karen Fess-Uecker was born in Cedar Rapids, IA. She has since lived in seven other states (PA, OH, KY, OK, NC, TX and CA) and has painted and shown her work in 6 of those states. Her abilities developed – not through formal schooling – but through studying other artist’s work either from books or […]

June Daskalakis

June Daskalakis is a mixed media artist who was born and raised in NYC now living in Davis, California. Her art practice includes mixed media, fiber art sculpture, and assemblage. Working with a variety of mediums she blends nostalgia, fantasy, and surrealism to create visual narratives. Central to her aesthetic is paying homage to memories […]

Frank Blackwell

Frank Blackwell currently resides in Elk Grove, CA. In his free time, he is an avid cyclist, church goer, and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. While traveling with the International Artist Group Inc. in the mid 80’s, he was showcased in events with artists such as James Beckham of Colorado, and the late Thomas […]