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Robin Hagy

Robin Hagy is a native of Sacramento, living her authentic life capturing the majestic and grace of the wild mustang. Robin grew up with her connection to horses at a young age of 7, as she competed in equestrian events through her teen years. Her continued passion for horses is carried on to today through her photographs. Robin has always been drawn to an animal’s unique way of displaying their personalities, and especially the connection between people and their pets. Picking up her first professional camera in 2010 Robin knew she would be forever changed. Self-taught, she first used her skills to provide a voice for rescue dogs for the local shelters in Sacramento. It’s a passion Robin holds dear and believes that so many more lives can be saved through perseverance and advocacy through the art of imagery. Robin continues to capture the magical personalities of dogs and their owners today.

She has branched her passion of capturing imagery of the powerful strength and grace of horses. A continued fascination with her roots in equine led her to photographing the wild mustangs of the west. Robin is compelled to bring awareness of the plight that effects the future of such majestic souls and their safety and freedom through her photographs.

Her current display of images was taken in the rustic beauty of Cappadocia, Turkey. Surrounded by its otherworldly like landscape with its textured hills and cave formations. Like being transferred back into another time in some aspects of culture and traditions. These exceptional moments were captured through the golden hour spectacle of stunning horses and golden lighting.

It is her hope that you will feel the magisterial gracefulness in her imagery and allow yourself to become immersed in the story being told through each photograph.

Robin Hagy.

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