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Rick Watson

Rick Watson:
My daily goal as an artist is to be “PC”. That certainly doesn’t stand for “Politically Correct” in my case. It stands for Passionately Creative. Each one of us has a unique brain. Creating exercises, the brain. The more it exercises, the more creative it gets. So, create!
There is so much beauty…and ugliness…all around us. I want to know that the collectors of my work feel joy (or at least feel something) each time they see the painting that was created.
I work mostly with oils, using primarily brush and painting knife. I seek color in the paintings, exploring the relationship between the underlying hues and the form of the subject. Whether working in the studio or outside the subjects dictate their treatment. This means allowing the painting to develop out of the landscape, models, or objects rather than imposing a “style” which molds the subject to conformity. This is evident in the individuality of each piece when finished. This is most noticeable when a large collection is shown together even though the series may not be of similar subject matter. I seek to make paintings compelling. I’d like the viewer a glimpse of a world where one’s imagination is free to interpret what they are seeing based on free association and personal experience.
Painting is my passion and I dearly love it. It makes me happy and hopefully it makes those who see the works happy, too.

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