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Chris Herman


Chris Herman is a graphic artist who began practicing art in early 2000, which consisted of a collection of black and white faces on stickers, stencils, and large photocopied posters. Often referred to as Street-Art, they were applied in various urban locations around the Los Angeles area onto electrical utility boxes, bus benches, construction site scaffolds, etc.

In 2014 after an 8yr hiatus from art, Chris returned to the original faces he created during his street campaign and began applying them to small 1-3 color paintings using acrylic on gessoed, cover stock. This eventually evolved to larger paintings on wood as triptych and diptych paintings.

Artist Statement:

With my current practice, I use assorted stencil images, various painting strokes, with acrylic paint and ink. Found items like newspaper or retail packaging are also applied.
The meaning of each painting is a random narrative. Although a definite theme can manifest as the work is assembled in layers. The objective of this work is visual aesthetic and balanced composition.

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