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Aug 11 2nd Saturday

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July 2018 Exhibition

Allie Bergman

  Allie Bergman:  There is a focus and clarity with abstract art that really speaks to me and hopefully to those who view my art.  I began painting over fifteen years ago and have studied with a number of artists...

Kathie Gibson

Within my art I try to capture moments of feeling and depth. There are times when those feelings transform us, move us to a new level of awareness inside. The world of technology we live in, drives us at such a fast pace we often forget to turn inside to visit our own stillness.

Paul Sanchez

My desire is to live all facets of my life based on my current vision statement which is as follows:  “Through my compassionate and creative spirit, it is my purpose to LOVE, creating health and wholeness in myself, seeing it...

Tenley Willock

Tenley is an elementary school teacher who grew up in Plumas County, CA where her love of the outdoors flourished. Tenley always had a love for being creative. She’s taken a few art classes here and there, but never took...


June 1 through August 30, 2018