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Zoran Peshich

Alien Conspiracy Totem by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 32x94x24


Theory of Conspiracy by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 18x26x15


Roast Bacon by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 8.5x5.5x8.5


Cup of Hot Sauce by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 5x7x4



Ceramic 6.5x8x4


Road Hog by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 6.5x8x11.5


PacMan Covidgeolitiou by Zoran Peshich



Gastime by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 8.5x7x6.5


The Missing Link by Zoran Peshich

Oil on Canvas 60x48


The World According to Mousanto by Zoran Peshich

Oil on Canvas 46x34


After the Storm by Zoran Peshich

Acrylic on Canvas 39.5x28 Framed


Work by Zoran Peshich

Elk Man by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 30x54x22


Snout Duo by Zoran Peshich

Ceramic 7x6x7


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Zoran Peshich: a short history.
Born 6th March 1951 in Zagreb, in the former Yugoslavia.  Moved to Birmingham, United Kingdom in late 1959 with mother to join family.
Zoran completed his school education in 1968 and later that same year attended Birmingham School of Art pre-diploma course.
With pre-diploma completion Zoran attended the first Environmental Design Diploma course (degree) in the UK at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art, graduation in 1972.
Special subjects were Exhibition and Interior Design, with environmental design in mind as well as fine art.
From 1972-1978 Zoran worked as a designer and freelance artist, he worked with several companies like Multi-Flex, ICI and Southern Ocean Shipyard in the UK.
During this time period Zoran sold his first artwork and had a number of group exhibitions.
From this humble start Zoran’s career took off and he traveled to the USA at the invitation of OMNI magazine in New York.
During these early years and subsequent later years Zoran had exhibited his work, a mixture of Space Art and Fantasy in most capitals of Western Europe, some in the Middle East.
With many paintings sold and several awards he continued to travel and had a studio in Wiesbaden Germany for a few years and a two year period of art and design work in Cairo Egypt.  Zoran has over the past 35 years painted and illustrated many works of art, from his Space Fantasy, Surreal work and commissioned portraits, murals as well as interior design work in central London.
From 1995 to 2006 much time was spent in the design field with many large and medium projects as well as some commissioned art work, notably fantasy portraits for private clients.
In 2007 Zoran re-married and moved to the USA first to Florida and currently in Northern California where he now works and paints from his studio in Citrus Heights near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.