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Tenley Willock

Tenley Willock, Untracked Beauty



Tenley Willock, Aspen Dream



Tenley Willock, Charming Remote Cabin

Reverse Glass - Acrylic


Tenley Willock, VW Vacation



Tenley is an elementary school teacher who grew up in Plumas County, CA where her love of the outdoors flourished. Tenley always had a love for being creative. She’s taken a few art classes here and there, but never took the “dive” into painting until she met her mentor, Bob Tonjes. Bob has been such a gift in her live.  Losing her dad last December and facing chronic pain again this past two years, painting has given Tenley a way to “Escape Cabin Fever”. She is thrilled to be a featured artist and thanks her mom and dad for inspiring her creativity.