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Robin Tomlinson

Robin Tomlinson, "Wash Over Me"

Mixed Media on Canvas


Robin Tomlinson, "Green Ocean"

Mixed Media on Canvas


Artist Statement:
Most of my work centers around nature. I especially like painting the sun, flowers, water and trees.
A number of my projects are being built in my mind long before they are executed.
I do get bored easily with my work. I’m always wanting to explore new subjects and new mediums. The possibilities are endless so I can always find a new direction to go.

Robin Tomlinson is a self taught artist. She was first inspired by art in 2006 while on a trip to Chicago. She was viewing stained glass art and was moved deeply. One short year later she was well on her way. By 2009 she had her first success, she was hired to work with the design team for “Red Hawk Casino”, she created 7 36x48s for the “High Rollers” room. Since then she has had many more successes. Including Mercedes, Clay Arnold Law and 100’s of private residents.
Robin likes doing commissioned pieces, she feels she does very well under pressure!
Her other interests are her family, racquetball, rock hounding, hiking.