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Matt Konar

Ship of Fools

Oil on Canvas, 36" X 30"

$1700 Framed

They elected her to tell their story

Oil on Canvas, 35" X 29"

$1400.00 Framed

The Seed, the Price & the Conflict

Oil on Canvas, 42" X 29.5"

$1900.00 Framed

Wisdom Heals by Matt Konar

Oil on Canvas, 21" X 27.25"

$899.00 Framed

The wheat, the tares, and the principalities

Oil on Canvas, 54" X 26"

$3200.00 Framed

Hope by Matt Konar

Oil on Canvas, 25 1/4" X 31"

$1250.00 Framed

Eden Dawn

Oil on Canvas, 21" X 27"

$899.00 Framed

Fishing by Matt Konar

Oil on Canvas, 36" X 30"

$1700.00 Framed

Lincoln Highway by Matt Konar

Oil on Canvas, 20" X 24"

$699.00 Framed

Leaving Algo

Oil on Canvas, 24" X 20"

$699.00 Framed

Tahoe.....A Long Time Ago

Limited Edition Giclee, 18" X 15"

$140.00 Framed

The Light & the Lamp Stand

Oil on Canvas, 15.5" X 18.5"

$350.00 Framed

The Bread The Fruit and The Vine

Oil on Canvas, 16.5" X 14"

$325.00 Framed

Mischling Poppies

Limited Edition Giclee Enhanced, 24.5" X 20.5"

$220.00 Framed

As Long As I Can See the Light

Limited Edition Giclee, 11" X 13"

$110.00 Framed

Konar’s work is both light and dark in subject, approaching at every turn both the whimsical and the mischievious. Matt uses the canvas as a stage to captire moments of love and heroism, as well as the times of human folly. His characters come from real life, from songs, from poems and from stories. All the stories take place under a starry sky with the drama of the constellations. Unexpected details are presented through the book on a shelf, the image in a mirror, the wallpaper pattern, an individual leaf, and many other visual gestures waiting to be unlocked by the viewer.

Matt is mostly a self-taught artist. His technique of using glaze upon glaze creates colors that are deep, rich, and vibrant. There is a profound sense of mystery, nuance, symbolism, and timelessness in the scenes he depicts.

Art by Matt Konar