Magda Gallardo



The Crowd







I enjoy working with acrylics.  I love bringing out the brilliance in the colors, tapping into the infinite possibilities of transparency and volume.  Everything around us has shape and color.  I get my inspiration from the movement that shapes and colors create and I enjoy expressing it in my own way.  I get great satisfaction in the creative journey that my works take me on.  The colors, brushstrokes, and lines evolve and engage me in an ever growing creative cycle.  Somehow, there is an element of surprise when all these components come together.  I can start with a simple idea but the execution of it is what drives me into being more imaginative and expressive.  There are two styles of art that I enjoy the most, Impressionist and Abstract.  I find it less confining, with more freedom in execution, while still allowing me to place structure and body to it through composition.  My objective is to spark inspiration through the use of colors, movement, and composition and then leave the rest to the imagination of the viewer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]