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Lisa Aikenhead

Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold

Photograph Print, 27" X 35"


Bear Cub 3

Photograph Print, 12" X 12"


Blue Reflections by Lisa Aikenhead

Photograph Print, 36" X 26"


Dream Back the Bison

Photograph Print, 37.5" X 26"


Looking for Salmon

Photograph Print, 16" X 20"


Sacred Earth

Photograph Print, 27" X 37"


Shine Your Light On Me

Photograph Print, 37.5" X 25.25"


Simply Trust

Photograph Print, 38" X 27"


Sittin' On the Riverbank

Photograph Print, 16" X 20"


Storm Ending

Photograph Print, 27" X 23.5"


The Chase Wolves in Yellowstone

Photograph Print, 37.5" X 24"


Early Evening Lake Tahoe by Lisa Aikenhead

Printed Photograph, 25 1/2" X 31 1/2"

$395.00 Framed

The Tumultuous Sea by Lisa Aikenhead

Printed Photograph, 27.5" X 22.5"

$495.00 Framed

Iceberg Fantasy by Lisa Aikenhead

Printed Photograph, 26" X 20"

$345.00 Framed

Bear Cub #1 by Lisa Aikenhead

Printed Photograph, 12" X 12"

$95.00 Framed

Wildlife and landscape photographer Lisa Aikenhead lives on four acres of mixed pine, incense cedar, and oak in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada range. Her daily visitors at home include deer, wild turkeys, coyotes, and bobcats. Prior to becoming a photographer, her career was in non-profit management, and in that spirit, she donates a percentage of all sales to wildlife and wilderness conservation and protection efforts. Lisa’s pleasure in witnessing the beauty and grace of the natural world shines through her photography. “My photographs represent a search for peace, refuge, and solace within me, and me best photographs are made when my heart is wide open and my feet are on the ground.”

Art by LIsa Aikenhead