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Leonard James

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Sandhills in the Mist 20150118_1929

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Double-crested Cormorant -9641 (2)

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Leonard James, Sea Otter & Pup

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Leonard James, Wood Duck

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I have had significant interest in photography since I was in my early twenties. I played around with macro, landscape and night photography and genuinely enjoyed taking photographs. I took my first photography class at Cal Poly Pomona where I learned photography basics including how to process black & white and color film. I set up a darkroom in my apartment closet and processed color and black and white images for several years. Then life happened and photography took a back seat for about 20 years.

I started doing a little traveling in the early 2000’s and my interest in photography started to smolder. I bought my first digital camera in 2008 and my passion for photography started to develop a small flame. I took photography classes at Sierra College to review photography basics and learn how to work with digital files. As I became more familiar with my digital camera and learned to process raw files my smoldering interest became a full blown flame.
During the process I developed a keen interest in bird photography and flower photography. I enjoy photographing most wildlife and many flowers. My flower photography is primarily macro.
I enjoy sharing my photos with family and friends and anyone else who has an interest my work.