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Joan Marie







Love is a Mighty Warrior


Ryan - by Joan marie



Joan Marie "Enter the Orchid, Yellow"

Mixed Media


Joan Marie "Caribbean Dream"

Giclee on Canvas


Joan Marie "Enter the Orchid, Purple"

Mixed Media


Joan Marie "Sacred Garden"

Giclee on Canvas



Joan Marie started painting at age 35 and has expanded into several branches of the arts which moved her to create the title for herself as a MultiSensory/MultiMedia Artist. As a Massage Therapist since 1990, she uses aromatherapy in her private practice and incorporates the sense of smell into her art. “I am inspired by Nature and nature holds healing properties on all levels, including Essential oils. When painting, sometimes words, poems or prayers come to me to enhance the theme as well. Combining this evokes and engages as many senses as possible into the experience.”

Becoming a Grandmother for Peace and wanting to leave a healthier planet for her children and grandchildren, Joan believes that art is a way to share radical forms of thought while also bringing more beauty into the world. Her business partner in Mirth To Earth, Lonnie Winston is a photographer that specializes in Nature images and helps her capture visions with his Studio work. Their collaborative work ‘Transcends Art & Photography’. Joan Marie also works with Dr Bisharat’s Inspired Medicine where Joan is promoting the Day of Peace and donating proceeds from  some of the pieces in this show to help support the documentary she is working on.