Diana Ormanzhi

Diana Ormanzhi, Cardinal

Oil, Framed


Diana Ormanzhi, Collision of Elements

Oil, Framed


Diana Ormanzhi, Pi Day

Oil, Framed


My work can be described as tight, controlled, and calculated but it is devotedly crafted in an attempt to push realistic imagery beyond how it is perceived in daily life. When asked what inspires me, I rarely have a straight answer. Sometimes it is seeing how light bounces off of the folds of silk. Sometimes it is a personality trait of a character in a classic science fiction book.

My approach towards creating an artwork varies depending on the materials being used. An ink drawing begs for accuracy, but an oil painting is forgiving and reassures me that whatever happens in the process will stay beneath the surface and may remain entirely hidden from the spectator. This secretive quality of oil painting allows me to not rely as heavily on any reference and pull ideas from books on the Surrealist movement read at 2 a.m.