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David Good

David Good, Telstar



David Good, Greener Pastures



David Good, Oregon - The Falls




David is truly a creative soul. Whether it be through his painting, photography, music or writing, he can bring a moment to its zenith and have it touch you profoundly. First inspired by watching Bob Ross on television, David began painting with oils using Ross’s wet-on-wet technique back in the early 1990s. But, as it has the habit of doing, life intervened and forced him to put away his brushes for over 20 years.

He returned to painting in 2013, discovering that the passion he once felt was still burning hot within his soul. His main interests are landscapes and abstracts, however, he enjoys experimenting with all subjects and a multitude of mediums.

Abstracts allow David’s creative spirit to truly soar. They are liberating and are quite therapeutic, helping to release pent up energy and stress. Acrylic mediums and paints combine to bring these creations to life with brazen colors and fabulous textures.

He has also renewed his love for oils and now paints all landscapes with this medium. The technique has changed greatly from his early Bob Ross days, in that he now strives for more realism and detail.”

David is a structural designer/detailer for the State of California and enjoys spending time with his son, Ryan, playing football and coin hunting, while he explores his theatrical side with and draws continuous inspiration from his lovely girlfriend and muse, Lydia. ~ This exhibition is dedicated to them ~