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Carolyn Junge






Carolyn Jung



Carolyn Jung, "Blue Light"



Carolyn Jung, "Lavendar Fields"



Carolyn Jung, "As the River Flows"



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Carolyn Junge has had a love of art and creativity since she was a child.  When growing up, she spent most of her spare time sketching and drawing. For many years her life lead her in other directions, family responsibilities and a rewarding and exciting career in healthcare.  Buyt, even during those years her creative nature and imagination were evident in man of her work and home projects.

Carolyn is eternally thankful; to her daughter Julie for starting her back on the artistic path with a gift of a box of paints and painting supplies.  Who would have thought what was possible with that first step forward.

Carolyn studies under Susan Sarback, Master Artist, at the School of Light and Color.  With Susan’s instruction and guidance a whole new world of color interpretation has evolved.  Replicating the vibrant colors that are evident in nature has been both challenging and rewarding.  Capturing radiant light, luminous color, mood and atmosphere in her paintings has been a wonderful and exciting journey.

Many of Carolyn’s paintings are Plein Air landscapes of local sites and the Sierra Mountains.  Her favorite subjects are depictions of her many travels throughout the world.  They are very personal and evoke many memories of time, place and experiences.

Carolyn invites you to join her on her journey exploring the world and color through her paintings.